Leader of the NDP stands up for Gate Gourmet Teamsters

The Official Opposition leader, Tom Mulcair met in Town Hall with Teamsters Local 647 members employed by Gate Gourmet to address the Company’s outsourcing of Teamsters jobs.

Jagmeet Singh, a Member of Provincial Parliament in Peel Region joined Mulcair for the meeting to discuss the precarious employment tactics used by Gate Gourmet.

“We’ve seen it rear its ugly head in the Gate Gourmet situation, where permanent, skilled, qualified workers were replaced not because there was a shortage of work, because immediately afterwards they were replaced by temporary workers,” he said.

“This is the wrong direction our province is heading and we have to put a stop to it.”

Gate Gourmet has outsourced over 120 full-time jobs over the last six months. Accordingly these workers have been laid off some with up to 13 years of experience. These Teamster jobs had a living wage, pension, and medical benefits.

The company has replaced these experienced individuals by outsourcing their duties to a third-party company named Morayo Services Canada Limited (MSC). These MSC employees are low wage workers with no benefits or pensions and have very precarious employment.

Although many of the issues with the Company fall under the Provincial labour code, Mulcair said he will work alongside the provincial government to raise the issues of outsourcing good jobs on the Federal level.

“We can, with our labour critic in Ottawa, compliment the work that Jagmeet’s going to be able to do here provincially,” he said.

“What Gate Gourmet has done is 100 per cent wrong and should be illegal,” said Martin Cerqua, Vice President of Teamsters Local 647.

Singh circulated a petition at the meeting calling on Gate Gourmet to comply with legislation and stop their use of third party providers for union jobs.

“One of the overall changes has to be that it’s harder to hire a temporary worker and it should be easier to hire a permanent employee,” he said.