Teamsters Canada Convention

January 13, 2015—Ottawa, ON

Hundreds of brothers and sisters from across Canada gathered this Tuesday, January 13 in Ottawa, Ontario for the Teamsters Canada Convention. Two candidates were nominated to run for President of Teamsters Canada:

François Laporte, currently Assistant to the President of Teamsters Canada has been a member of Teamsters for nearly 30 years, and has held various positions including Organizer, Union Representative, Local Union Officer of Local 106 in Montreal.

Stan Hennessy, Principal Officer of Local 31 out of Vancouver, and International Vice-President.

The nomination ceremony begun with a keynote address from Teamsters President and International Vice-President for the Brotherhood of Teamsters, Robert Bouvier. The rules and regulations were read out by Teamsters 230 President and Brother Randy Doner, who was followed by various members who brought forward their nominations and briefly explained their reasoning for naming Brothers Laporte and Hennessy.

While support was shown for both candidates, those rooting for Laporte were visibly more numerous, and showed great enthusiasm at the end of the candidate’s speech. Ballots for the vote will be sent to all Teamsters members in February; the votes will be counted in mid-March, at which point the new president will be announced.