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Skills Ontario building momentum for young women in trades

Teamsters back Canadian NAFTA labor proposal

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Approval of Tim Hortons deal is double double trouble: Union leaders

In the face of a jobs crisis, the federal government has approved the sale of an iconic Canadian business to a group of foreign billionaires with a track record of slashing jobs and minimizing taxes. The government’s decision to approve the Tim Hortons deal is a stunning abandonment of its responsibility to ensure that Canadians benefit from foreign takeovers.

Billions of dollars in new debt from the sale will put increased pressure on Tim Hortons, but Burger King and its private equity owner, 3G Capital, haven’t offered adequate protections for Canadian workers. The approval outlined by Industry Minister James Moore yesterday will not stop 3G Capital from following its usual pattern of mass layoffs.

For example, the approval provides no protection for the more than 900 workers in Tim Hortons’ distribution centres, regional offices, and manufacturing facilities. When 3G Capital bought Heinz in 2013, they closed a manufacturing plant in Leamington, Ontario, costing 740 jobs.

It also only provides that “significant” employment levels will be maintained at Tim Hortons headquarters in Oakville. When 3G Capital bought Burger King in 2010, half the headquarters staff were laid off. If the same percentage were cut at Tim Hortons headquarters in Oakville, 350 employees would remain but another 350 would receive pink slips.

At a time when many workers in Canada are struggling to find work, it is unconscionable that the government would allow this deal to go through without clear, unambiguous protections for all Tim Hortons workers whose jobs are on the line.

Burger King and 3G Capital still need to demonstrate that this takeover won’t mean mass layoffs. If the merger is really going to help expand Tim Hortons, they should be able to pledge that there will be no job loss for workers in Canada.

Sharleen Stewart, President of SEIU Healthcare
Jerry Dias, President of Unifor
Gerry Cadeau, President of Teamsters Local 647

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SEIU Healthcare

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Retired Unilever Members

Teamsters647 have had two long service members retire from the Unilever Rexdale‎ Plant.

These sisters were active Local 647 members and helped pave the way for future Teamsters. They both helped build one of the strongest Teamsters Collective Agreements in Canada. Both were hired few days apart from each other and both retired with just under 43 years service.

From left to right Ruzena Cerny‎, Local 647 Trustee – Bing Sitahall, Refinery Steward – Barb Sutherland, ‎and Local 647 Vice President – Martin Cerqua

National Day of Mourning observed on April 28

National Day of Mourning is an annual day of remembrance to commemorate workers who have been killed, injured or suffered illnesses due to workplace-related incidents.

On this day we remember and honour the lives lost or injured and renew our commitment to improving health and safety in the workplace for the prevention of future accidents.

Letter of Thanks to Teamsters President from MPP Jagmeet Singh

Thank you for attending the town hall meeting on jobs and affordability. The meeting was a huge success, attended by over 250 people – all concerned about their jobs, affordability issues and how to make ends meet.

Leader of the NDP stands up for Gate Gourmet Teamsters

The Official Opposition leader, Tom Mulcair met in Town Hall with Teamsters Local 647 members employed by Gate Gourmet to address the Company’s outsourcing of Teamsters jobs.

Jagmeet Singh, a Member of Provincial Parliament in Peel Region joined Mulcair for the meeting to discuss the precarious employment tactics used by Gate Gourmet.

“We’ve seen it rear its ugly head in the Gate Gourmet situation, where permanent, skilled, qualified workers were replaced not because there was a shortage of work, because immediately afterwards they were replaced by temporary workers,” he said.

“This is the wrong direction our province is heading and we have to put a stop to it.”

Gate Gourmet has outsourced over 120 full-time jobs over the last six months. Accordingly these workers have been laid off some with up to 13 years of experience. These Teamster jobs had a living wage, pension, and medical benefits.

The company has replaced these experienced individuals by outsourcing their duties to a third-party company named Morayo Services Canada Limited (MSC). These MSC employees are low wage workers with no benefits or pensions and have very precarious employment.

Although many of the issues with the Company fall under the Provincial labour code, Mulcair said he will work alongside the provincial government to raise the issues of outsourcing good jobs on the Federal level.

“We can, with our labour critic in Ottawa, compliment the work that Jagmeet’s going to be able to do here provincially,” he said.

“What Gate Gourmet has done is 100 per cent wrong and should be illegal,” said Martin Cerqua, Vice President of Teamsters Local 647.

Singh circulated a petition at the meeting calling on Gate Gourmet to comply with legislation and stop their use of third party providers for union jobs.

“One of the overall changes has to be that it’s harder to hire a temporary worker and it should be easier to hire a permanent employee,” he said.

Members have begun leafleting to force Gate Gourmet to stop outsourcing

We must bring attention to the fact that Gate Gourmet refuses to follow provincial legislation and continues to outsource our union jobs. We will push against the injustice for the security of our members as we have in the past. Teamsters Canada has put out the following press release detailing the information regarding Gate Gourmet’s attack on full-time workers.