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  • In 1934
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In January 2009, the Teamsters Canada Executive Board voted in favour of the creation of a national Youth Committee. On June 9, 2009, during the 10th Convention of Teamsters Canada, a resolution to this effect was adopted unanimously by the attending delegates.

In order to set up this Committee, each Joint Council and Conference was asked to appoint representatives aged below 35 years to this Committee. In total, 15 youth, men and women of various ages, backgrounds and religions, were appointed. They represent various regions and fields of activity.

The Committee’s mandate is, amongst other things, to provide a voice for young members, advise Teamsters Canada on matters of interest to young members and support Teamsters Canada in its activities.

Its goal is to unite the young members of different Locals through local, regional, provincial and national networks. Youth account for a significant percentage of Teamsters members and represent a powerful resource for the union. The Committee deems that the active participation of young members will give the union more leverage at the bargaining table, during organizing campaigns and in the political arena.


The Teamsters Ontario Women’s Caucus is dedicated to promoting the interests of its members and generally to improve their economic and social well being. The main purpose of the Caucus is to unify women members of the different Ontario Teamsters Local Unions, through a provincial network.

Women represent a substantial percentage of the Teamsters Union membership in Ontario and they are a powerful resource for the Union. The Caucus believes that active participation of women members in the Ontario Teamsters Union will enhance our Union’s strength at the bargaining table, in organizing campaigns and in the political arena.

To that effect, the objectives of the Caucus shall include, but are not limited to, the following:
– To unite women for the purpose of promoting economic, cultural, civic, legislative, political, social and union activities, and/or other activities directly or indirectly, further the interests of the Caucus;

  • To uphold the principals of the Ontario Teamsters Union and to foster the opportunity for Teamsters women to serve in leadership positions at all levels of the Union structure;
  • To achieve, through a close association, a stronger bond of solidarity and understanding among the representatives of our Union bodies;
  • To advance and strengthen our Union organization in the community and in the labour movement;
  • To assist and/or join other organizations having purposes and objectives similar to those of the Caucus;
  • To engage in community activities which will advance the interests of the Caucus.

It is recognized that the problems which the Caucus is accustomed to deal with are not limited to unionism or to organizing and collective bargaining alone, but encompass a broad spectrum of economic, social and political objectives, as set forth above and as the Caucus may determine from time to time. We, therefore, determine and assert that the participation of the Caucus, individually and with other organizations, in pursuit and attainment of the objectives set forth herein, is for the sole benefit of our members of the Ontario Teamsters Union.