• Local Established
  • In 1934
  • Strong Union
  • United to Protect


As a non-Teamster member at my current employer, another union poorly represented us. This union would not support our executive committee nor did challenge the company on employee issues.

Additionally, they were not supporters of the Health and Safety Committee. More or less, they took our dues and shook hands with the company. Having been a Teamster union member previously, I was quite disappointed with such representation.

Along with a fellow steward, we contacted the teamsters organizing department and Erminio helped direct us in the right direction to successfully win the campaign. This move cost both of us our position as stewards, however we maintained full support of our fellow employees in our campaign to find new representation. After a successful vote to gain representation by the Teamsters, we entered negotiations and secured a much more suitable contract for our members.

Since making the switch to Teamsters, our members have enjoyed a more just work environment and now proudly stand in solidarity with the support and backing of our union.
Always remember there are two kinds of union members, those that are Teamsters and those that wish they were Teamsters.

Scott Bremer

Chief Steward Local 647 at Canada Bread Hamilton, Ontario